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Amy Peterson, an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant, & Mindy Harmer, a Licensed Speech-Language Pathologist, are recognized infant feeding specialists. They have teamed together for 12 years bringing a broad perspective of infant feeding to parents and professionals. Their early collaboration resulted in the publication of Balancing Breast and Bottle. They educate professionals throughout North America about infant feeding. While working together, they honed their skills in the areas of: comprehensive infant and mother assessment, bottles as tools, successful communication with health care providers, and mothers’ learning styles. 

They have a passion for sharing their expertise and strive to give practical information for immediate application.  When speaking, they tailor their presentations to the needs of the conference and the attendees’ level of knowledge.  Presentations are educational, entertaining, and enhanced with photo and video examples.  They reside in Idaho and enjoy potato humor. Although Amy and Mindy believe the audience gains a more comprehensive understanding of infant feeding when they present together, they are occasionally available to speak independently.


Areas of expertise
Advocacy for Breastfeeding
Communication Skills for Breastfeeding Specialists
Anatomy and Physiology of Infant Feeding
Breastfeeding Dyad Assessment
Counseling Methods for Breastfeeding Specialists
Ethics of Breastfeeding Counseling/Practice
Humor and Breastfeeding
Infant Assessment for Breastfeeding
Latching Theory and Techniques
Suck Dysfunction
Supplementation of the Breastfeeding Infant
WIC Counseling Methods
Working and Breastfeeding


Previous speaking engagements:

Maryland Lactation Sharing Conference
Sept. 12, 2017
Towson, MD

MILK Conference, Costa Mesa, CA, Nov. 12, 2016

MommyCon San Jose, CA, Oct. 29, 2016

MommyCon Washington DC, July 23, 2016

MommyCon Austin, TX,  June 25, 2016

WIC Delaware State Breastfeeding Conference
April 29, 2016
Dover, DE

WIC New York State Conference
April 17-20, 2016
Niagara Falls, NY

GOLD Perinatal Online Conference
Oct. 13 – Nov. 30, 2015
Canada, Global Conference

MiLK Conference
August 1, 2015
Los Angeles, CA

Public Health Conference for Utah
April 13, 2015
Layton, UT

Utah Perinatal Professionals Consortium
September 25-26, 2014
Salt Lake City, UT

La Leche League of Texas
July 18-20, 2014
League City, TX

Grande Conférence 2014 organisée par l’Association québécoise des consultantes en lactation diplômées de l’IBLCE,
June 2-3, 2014
Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Minnesota WIC Conference
October 29-30, 2013
Bloomington, MN,  United States

iLactation presents Breastfeeding: Navigating the bumps
Sept.-Oct. 2013
International conference through www.ilactation.com

Perinatal Professionals Breastfeeding Consortium 2013
April 11-12, 2013
West Jordan, UT, United States

Northwest Breastfeeding Network
November 15, 2012
Eau Claire, Wisconsin, United States

March of Dimes 37th Annual Perinatal Nursing Conference
March 1-2, 2012
Chicago, Illinois, United States

Illinois State Breastfeeding Task Force
April 27, 2011 – April 28, 2011
Springfield, Illinois, United States

Ohio WIC Statewide Breastfeeding Coordinators Meeting
April 12, 2011
Columbus, Ohio, United States

International Lactation Consultant Association
July 21, 2010 – July 25, 2010
San Antonio, Texas, United States

International Lactation Consultant Association
July 25, 2008 – July 27, 2008
Las Vegas, Nevada, United States

International Lactation Consultant Association
August 15, 2007 – August 19, 2007
San Diego, California, United States

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