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Other ways to feed breast milk

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Freeze your breast milk into ice cube trays. Pop a milk cube into a mesh bag for your baby to suck and munch on.

Consider measuring how much milk you put in each cube so you know how much milk your baby is getting.

Make breast milk ice chips for your baby to eat with his fingers. Take a frozen milk cube and give it a wack with this heavy duty ice tapper.

Mix your breast milk into purees and put into refillable pouches for your baby to eat. Wash and repeat!

These soft, silicone straws come in various lengths. Brightly colored, easy to find, and super soft so you don’t have to worry about poking your baby’s mouth. Great to use as a teething toy, too.

This tiny cup is the perfect size for tiny mouths when they are learning to drink from a cup.

These child-size cups are perfect for little hands. A disk inserts inside, allowing liquid to freely flow however your little one picks it up for a drink.