botte refusal

Skeptical about Bottles?

Are you a breastfeeding mom who plans to introduce a bottle at some point? And does the thought of it cause fear? You are not alone.

Depending on which books and blogs you’ve read, and which childbirth classes you have taken, you may have heard many differing opinions regarding introducing a bottle. Not only is it confusing to hear contradictory information, but information is often wrapped in fear: “don’t do _____ or your baby will reject the breast.” Surprisingly, a lot of these suggestions aren’t even evidence based.

In our practice, we use bottles as tools to FIX breastfeeding. You read that right–we use different bottles to help a baby learn to suck differently, and then transfer a correct sucking pattern back to the breast. And since we KNOW we can use a bottle to FIX breastfeeding, we obviously can also help moms select a bottle that will SUPPORT breastfeeding. We include a lot of this information in our book, Balancing Breast and Bottle.

Since the publication of our first edition, we are happy to see information in books and blogs slowly changing and getting in step with what we teach. We desperately want families to have accurate information so they can be successful switching between breast and bottle. We also want breastfeeding helpers to understand how to support families in this way.

Our website gives a snapshot of various things to consider when introducing a bottle. But to be fully prepared, you need more information. You can order our book–it is a simple, easy read with short chapters and lots of pictures, covering everything a mom needs to know to get breast and bottle feeding off to a good start. If you are pressed for time, or are more of a visual/auditory learner, then we encourage you to join a class. We go over the basics of bottle introduction and bottle feeding, leaving plenty of time to answer questions. And if you take the class, you’ll get a great discount on the book, too. If you are a breastfeeding helper–we will have classes for you coming soon.

Don’t be afraid of introducing a bottle or pacifier. Knowledge is power! We can teach you what you need to successfully breast and bottle feed, so your mental energy can be focused on loving and enjoying your baby. ♥