botte refusal bottle practice


What a time we are living in! Most Americans have been asked to shelter in place for the coming days. One silver lining? Being at home with your baby allows you to breastfeed more and pump less! Heaven knows we will all benefit from the boost of oxytocin breastfeeding brings, too.  But a word of caution–don’t set your baby’s bottle aside until it’s time to return to work.

We have worked with countless families who selected a bottle for their babies, and then put them in the cupboard until it was time for mom to go to work. This scenario almost always ended in bottle refusal. We anticipate the same will hold true when this quarantine ends. Babies have preferences (just like mamas), and getting milk straight from the tap is a source of joy for most little ones. Of course they will protest when the bottle comes out of hiding a few weeks from now.

To prevent a future bottle battle, keep the bottle handy.  Let your baby use the bottle every day or two–even if only for part of a feeding. A short bottle session will keep the bottle familiar–a benefit for later–and allow you to spend more time breastfeeding in the meantime.