Bottle Feeding Handouts

Professional Handouts

Hey breastfeeding helpers~ are you offering virtual consults or teaching virtual classes? We have had numerous requests for bottle feeding handouts that can be shared digitally. These handouts are evidence based, well organized, and easy to read.

Preparing and Using Formula

This handout will help parents and caregivers prepare and use formula safely. Information includes choosing safe water, preparing liquid and powdered formula, and when to discard a bottle of formula.

Bottle Feeding Your Baby

This handout is designed for parents who exclusively bottle feed using expressed breast milk, formula, or a mix of the two. Information included will help your clients recognize early feeding cues, determine if their baby is on the right bottle, and other ins and outs of bottle use.

Bottles and Emergency Preparedness

This free handout will help a mother prepare bottle feeding supplies needed in case of an emergency.

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We have other handouts available through Noodle Soup, sold in tear-off pads of 50. Click links for more information!

Introducing a Bottle

Pacifiers and the Breastfed Baby

Bottle Pacing for the Young, Breastfed Baby