Professional- Preparing and Using Formula ~ Small practice license- up to 5 clinicians in a practice


This limited license purchase is for a small practice- five clinicians in private practice.

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Print handout and give to parent clients during a consult and/or in a parent classroom setting where you teach.X Distribute handout at baby fairs and other venues that lack one-on-one support.
Email handout to clients. (Copyright cover page must be included with electronic distribution, this is p.1 of the download)X Modify content in any way or remove author and copyright information.
Share the provided link with personal clients so they can view handout online on our website.X Share link and password on your website and/or social media outlets. Further, handouts, in part or in full, may not be uploaded to the Internet or stored in a public retrieval system, posted on a website, blog, public domain, and/or other forms of social media.
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