Helpful Products

Here are some of the products mentioned in Smelly Milk. You might have some of these at home already. And of course, there are other options on the market! We put this together for you so you can see exactly what we are talking about, and provide a quick purchase option if you wish. These products link to our Amazon Affiliate program

Stainless steel cups for quick cooling your milk. Way cheaper than using baby bottles, but note that these do not have lids, so you’d need to be extra careful.

Stainless steel bottle for heating/quick cooling

Stainless steel bottle and cup for heating as shown in video. Super cool!

The bottle heater above can be used with WARM or HOT heat packs. To scald your milk, you will need HOT heat packs.

Steam bottle warmer known to get hot enough to scald milk for high lipase.

Another steam bottle warmer that can be used to scald milk.

Handy and super cheap thermometer to check the temperature of your milk.

A different product that can be used to scald your milk. This container is obviously larger than a single baby bottle, so it would be handy for scalding in batches.

Extra heat packs for scalding milk.