Help with Feedings

Help with Feedings through Classes and Consults

Do you need help with feedings? We specialize in breast and bottle feeding. We offer classes and consults to get you the information you need quickly. Whether you are looking for a class about bottle introduction, or have a baby who is refusing the bottle, we have you covered.

We also work with moms one-on-one by phone or video~ we call these chats or consults depending on your need.

Classes that help with bottle feeding

We offer virtual classes, full of videos, handouts, and FAQs to help you find the answers you need quickly.

Smelly Breast Milk $ 5–this class is for moms whose breast milk smells “off” after storing or heating. You will learn how to determine if the change in flavor is caused by high lipase or chemical oxidation, and what to do about it (they have different solutions!). Learn more about this class and purchase here.

Beginning Bottle Feeding $25–this class is for expectant moms and moms with babies 6 weeks and under. Learn more about this class and purchase here.

Bottle Battle $ 17–this class is for moms of babies who do not want to take a bottle. Maybe your baby used to accept the bottle, or maybe you wonder if you need to start exploring other ways to feed your milk. Learn more about this class and purchase here.

Slow to Grow –this class is for moms whose babies have not been growing as expected. Maybe your baby didn’t get the hang of breastfeeding in the early days, or perhaps your baby just isn’t growing fast enough and supplementing is part of the picture. COMING SOON.

Chats & Consults

We also offer personal help with feedings. If you need help with breast or bottle feeding and have simple questions that are non-medical in nature, or would just like to pick an expert’s brain and troubleshoot a simple concern, you are welcome to set up a time to chat with Amy (phone or video). Amy sets aside time each day to visit with moms about breastfeeding, expressing and storing breast milk, pacifiers, bottles, and even formula.

A “chat” is different than a “consult” which provides medical care and follows HIPAA guidelines. A “chat” is educational in nature and informal. While visiting with Amy, if she feels your situation would benefit from a consult, she will let you know.

Chats are only $15 per 15 minute block of time. You will receive an invoice through email after the call to pay upon receipt. Super quick, super simple.

To schedule a time to chat, shoot Amy an email along with your phone number, and she will contact you to set up a time to visit. If you remember, put Chat in the subject line. Talk to you soon!

If you are experiencing breastfeeding difficulties and are in need of a consult, the scheduling process is the same. Please put Consult in the subject line and Amy will contact you to set up a time. Consults are $115 and run for about 90 minutes.