Amy & Mindy live in beautiful southern Idaho. They are international, professional speakers, and also provide local and telepractice consults for breast and bottle-feeding clients. 

If you have a simple bottle question that is non-medical in nature, you are welcome to set up at time to chat with Amy. Learn more about what that looks like by clicking here

If your baby is having difficulty feeding, you will benefit from the combined expertise of an IBCLC and SLP.  Amy & Mindy bring a unique and informed perspective in helping families, and providing complimentary care alongside the health care team as needed.

Reasons for a breastfeeding consult

If you are experiencing any of the following, please schedule a consult right away to protect your milk supply.  The sooner you get help, the less time it takes to resolve the problem.

    • Pain while breastfeeding

    • Your baby was discharged feeding with a cup or syringe

    • Bottle supplementation is necessary for baby’s weight gain

    • Baby latches on and falls asleep

    • Baby “eats” all the time, mouthing the breast without a lot of swallowing

    • Your baby isn’t having enough poopy diapers (1 poop per day of life up to 4-5 days; more is okay) or poop isn’t yellow after day 5

    • Your baby gains less than 5.5 ounces per week.

Reasons for a bottle-feeding consult

If you are a breastfeeding mom who also wants to introduce a bottle or pacifier, we will 

    • Help you select a bottle or pacifier uniquely suited to your baby’s suck

    • Teach you how to use a bottle or pacifier in a way that is supportive of your breastfeeding goals

    • Answer your questions about pumping, milk storage, and/or returning to work or school

If you are exclusively bottle-feeding and your baby isn’t feeding well with the bottle, schedule a consult if your baby

    • Leaks milk around his/her mouth

    • Is overwhelmed with flow

    • Bottle-feeds for more than 15 minutes

    • Refuses the bottle or cries while feeding

    • Has poor weight gain


Infant Feeding Consultations with Amy:  $115

Amy provides in-home, infant feeding consults for most of the Magic Valley, as well as consults via telepractice.  Initial consults last approximately 90 minutes. 

Breastfeeding consults include a medical history of you and your baby, observation and assessment of a feeding, weighing of your baby, and a care plan designed to address your needs.  

Bottle-feeding consults include a medical history of you and your baby, observation and assessment of your baby feeding on several bottle-feeding systems, education about baby milk options, and hand-outs for bottle-feeding and pacifier use.

Returning to work consults include breast pump assistance and education, bottle selection and use, education about milk storage and use, and suggestions for your caregiver.

Consultations with Amy & Mindy: $185     These consults are often referred by your physician, or if Amy’s initial contact indicates that your baby would benefit from a feeding assessment from an SLP. 

To schedule a consult, contact Amy at or leave a message at (208) 308-1350.  Visit Mindy’s private practice website at