Classes and Consults


We teach bottle feeding classes weekly. Classes are designed according to babies’ specific ages: A. 0-6 weeks (this includes expectant moms), B. 6 weeks-5 months, and C. 5 months and older. Topics for classes A & B include bottle selection, use, and pacing. Class C also includes additional feeding options. Meetings are currently held on Zoom. Classes are limited to 10 spots to make sure we have time to answer individual questions. Enrollment is $20. Enrollment includes a 40% off code for our book, as well as 50% off a “chat” if you desire follow up. Please sign up according to your baby’s age. See you on zoom!

This month’s bottle feeding classes:

A: 0-6 weeksAugust 27 11:00AM EST/8:00AM PST
B: 6 weeks-5 monthsAugust 24 11:00AM EST/8:00AM PST
C: 5 months and olderAugust 25 11:00AM EST/8:00AM PST
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Chats & Consults

If you have simple breast or bottle questions that are non-medical in nature, or would just like to pick an expert’s brain and troubleshoot a simple concern, you are welcome to join a class or set up a time to chat with Amy (phone or video). Amy sets aside time each day to visit with moms about breastfeeding, expressing and storing breast milk, pacifiers, bottles, and even formula.

A “chat” is different than a “consult” which provides medical care and follows HIPAA guidelines. A “chat” is educational in nature and informal. While visiting with Amy, if she feels your situation would benefit from a consult, she will let you know.

Chats are only $15 per 15 minute block of time. You will receive an invoice through email after the call to pay upon receipt. Super quick, super simple.

To schedule a time to chat, shoot Amy an email along with your phone number, and she will contact you to set up a time to visit. If you remember, put Chat in the subject line. Talk to you soon!

If you are experiencing breastfeeding difficulties and are in need of a consult, the scheduling process is the same. Please put Consult in the subject line and Amy will contact you to set up a time. Consults are $115 and run for about 90 minutes.