Breastfeeding Basics

Knowing some breastfeeding basics will help you feel confident in your breastfeeding journey.

It is common to wonder if breastfeeding is going well and how your milk supply is doing. Breastfeeding basics–what baby’s latch looks and feels like, and how your nipples feel–are all important topics. Breastfeeding helpers use the same basic “list” to check how well breastfeeding is going. You can find this list below in Signs of a Successful Feeding. Knowing the breastfeeding basics we look for will help you determine if you need to seek help from a breastfeeding professional.

Successful breastfeeding, in part, is dependent upon your Milk Supply, also linked below. If you are planning to breast and bottle feed, you probably plan to express your milk. Find some helpful tips below in Pumping and Collecting Milk.

Eventually your baby will have teeth! Below you have access to a handout co-authored by a dentist, full of helpful information about Taking Care of Your Breastfed Baby’s Teeth.

As you read through the topics below, keep in mind that this page contains just enough info to get you started. Our book contains so much more–your first feeding, feedings at home, when to feed your baby, and troubleshooting all of the common breastfeeding hurdles we deal with in consults.

Breastfeeding Baby

Signs of a Successful Feeding

Here are a couple handy checklists so you can know when breastfeeding is going well, or when you might need a little help.

breastfeeding baby

Milk Supply

Your milk supply begins with hormones, and then shifts to supply and demand. Explore the dynamics of having enough milk for your baby, and how pumping can impact your supply, too.

Pumping and storing milk

Pumping and Collecting Milk

Eeny-meeny-miny mo. There’s a better way to select a pump. Know your options before investing your money.

baby with teeth

Taking Care of Your Breastfed Baby’s Teeth

Learn about tooth decay and protecting your baby’s teeth.