Milk supply

Supply and demand

Milk supply is dependent upon milk removal either by your baby or a high quality pump. Every time milk is removed from your breasts, your body knows how much milk to produce.  The more milk removed, the more milk your breasts will produce.  This is called supply and demand.  If your baby uses a bottle for a feeding and you do not pump, your breasts no longer receive the signal that your baby needs “x amount” of ounces for that feeding.  This can lead to a drop in milk production if this occurs on a regular basis.

Separation and supply

Many moms notice a dip in their supply following several days of pumping while separated. This pattern is often seen with mothers who work outside the home or go to school Monday-Friday. Thankfully, breastfeeding during the weekend usually brings the supply right back up.  Maintaining and boosting milk supply during separation are explored in Balancing Breast and Bottle.

Balancing Breast and Bottle includes information on storing and using breast milk, and how to balance feedings when formula is part of the equation.  We invite you to learn more to find the balance for your family.

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