Balancing Breast & Bottle

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Wonderful reviews of the 2nd edition of Balancing Breast and Bottle are coming in:

“This book has really been a joy to read! I’ll definitely be recommending this to my patients and will be including this in future baby shower gifts! 🙂 I also love the personalized touch upon receiving it in the mail.!”

“So helpful and easy to read. I feel prepared to introduce a bottle without fear!”

The second edition includes even more information than the first. Inside you will find information about:

  • Bottle selection specific for your baby
  • How to make a bottle with breast milk, formula, or both
  • Using your letdown pattern as a guide for bottle pacing
  • Overcoming breast and bottle feeding obstacles
  • Feeding your baby when apart
  • Pacifier use and the breastfed baby
  • Finding a balance that is right for you and your baby

Check out the Table of Contents here.

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