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Check Your Flange Fit

The flange is the part of your breast pump you hold against your breast. (Flange rhymes with READ MORE

Bottle refusal

We hear, “Why won’t my baby take a bottle?” ALL. THE. TIME. Bottle refusal is the pits READ MORE

Is your baby overwhelmed with milk flow?

Can you imagine trying to get a drink of water from a fire hydrant? Me neither! This is such a good word picture of READ MORE

Smelly Breast Milk?

Milk straight from the breast is often described as tasting sweet, like ice cream or bananas. Most breast READ MORE

2nd edition
New look, more information

We are asked frequently, “When is the next edition coming out?” We are happy to report READ MORE

Skeptical of bottles?

Are you a breastfeeding mom who plans to introduce a bottle at some point? And does the thought of it cause fear? You are not alone. READ MORE

slow milk flow at the breast
Slow milk flow at breast

Slow milk flow at the breast is frustrating for baby and mom. Baby doesn’t feel satisfied, cries when READ MORE

breast milk fast flow
when your breast milk flows too quickly

Some moms have a super-fast letdown which makes their babies cough, sputter, unlatch, or even cry READ MORE

milk flow: too fast or too slow?

Baby milk can flow too fast or too slow from the breast or bottle. You can tell by watching how READ MORE

“Just right’ flow

Flow is how fast baby milk comes out of the breast or bottle nipple. Breast flow varies from mother to mother, and even varies within a feeding. Bottle READ MORE

different bottle sizes

Bottles come in different sizes ranging from 2 oz or 60 ml, to 8 oz or 240 ml.  So, which size READ MORE

bibs and bottle feeding

Does your baby need a bib to catch leaking or dripping milk during bottle feeding? With the right READ MORE