Shape is key.

  • Bottle nipples are packaged in two ways: narrow and wide neck.
  • The best shape for your baby is determined by how your baby sucks on the nipple.
  • Baby’s lips should rest on a portion of the base and maintain an open mouth position.

The arrows are pointing to the base of each nipple, the place where the baby’s lips should rest.

This baby is latched with his lips resting on portion of the nipple base. The shape of the nipple should allow for your baby’s latch to look similar to that on your breast.

Babies are individuals

  • Every baby has a unique way he or she  accepts a bottle nipple into his or her mouth.
  • A shape that works for one baby might not work for another (siblings included).
  • Artificial nipple feeding is different than breastfeeding. Don’t be fooled by companies claiming that their bottle is just like breastfeeding.

Poor latch

This baby is latched onto the tip of the nipple. She is feeding with a closed mouth position. See how concerned she looks?

Better latch

This baby is feeding with an opened mouth position. Her body is organized (fists by face). She is looking at her mother.

You can learn WAY more detailed information in the virtual class Beginning Bottle Feeding.

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