Best Baby Bottle

Do you have questions about finding the best baby bottle for your baby? Start here.

To find the best baby bottle for your baby, you will want to consider the shape of the nipple, and how fast or slow the milk flows. Explore these topics below.

Worried about introducing a not-mom nipple to your breastfed baby? You are not alone. We help you tease out fact vs. fiction in Common Myths below, and have included a section devoted to Pacifiers, as this can be a controversial subject as well.

Lastly, if your baby relies on a bottle (breast milk, formula, or both) for all or part of his daily feedings, you need to check out our handout full of tips that will help you prepare for feeding during an emergency.

As you read through these topics below, keep in mind that this page contains just enough info to get you started. Our book contains all the information you need to successfully combine breast and bottle.

Bottle nipple shapes


The best bottle for your baby is, in part, determined by the shape of the nipple. Nipple shape will influence how your baby latches. Learn more about shape here.

Flow is wrong


You will also want to look at how your baby responds to the nipple’s flow rate. How fast the milk flows from the bottle will effect how your baby feeds. Learn more about flow here.

Poor latch

Common myths

Many myths surround bottle feeding the breastfed baby. When and how to introduce a bottle are often shrouded in myth. Learn some common myths and interesting facts here.



A baby’s suck on a pacifier is different than the suck on the breast. Learn more here.

Bottle feeding during an emergency

Bottles and Emergency Preparedness

Natural disasters can make bottle feeding difficult. Learn tips for how to be prepared for bottle feeding through an emergency here.

Find additional information from the CDC here.