Breast and Bottle Feeding

Welcome parents and breastfeeding helpers! Our mission is to support all parents in their infant feeding journey. Whether you feed exclusively breast, exclusively bottle, with breast milk, formula, or any combination, we are here for you!

We are Amy Peterson, IBCLC, and Mindy Harmer, SLP, CLC. We have worked with countless breast and bottle feeding families through the years, answering many of the same infant feeding questions. For example, how do I pick the best bottle for my baby? When is the best time to introduce a bottle? How do I introduce a bottle? And what is bottle pacing? Learn about these topics and more on our website and in our book.

Cover Balancing Breast and Bottle


Our book, Balancing Breast and Bottle, is a must read for any mother who is breast and bottle feeding her baby. The second edition is available in both paperback and e-book.

Breastfeeding basics

The Breastfeeding Basics tab covers topics related to breastfeeding, your milk supply, and pumping. You will also find a short class called Smelly Breast Milk–a must if you plan to store breast milk for your baby.

Best Baby Bottle

The Best Baby Bottle tab covers topics for moms who exclusively bottle feed, as well as for breastfeeding moms who plan to introduce a bottle. Here you will find a basic overview of nipple shape, flow, and pacifiers.

Help with Feedings

Help with Feedings shows the classes we teach, and how to get in touch with us if you’d like to schedule a chat or consult. Beginning Bottle Feeding is a perfect class if you are expecting or have a young baby. But if you can’t get your baby to take a bottle, then Bottle Battle is a better choice.

Bottle Feeding Handouts

Health care providers can see professional, evidenced-based handouts for bottle feeding clients here, and purchase a license that allows print and e-file distribution to clients–especially helpful in this time of virtual consults.


Planning a conference? Then click on the Speaking tab which contains an overview of some of our most popular topics.


The Blog tab links to more information about breast and bottle feeding.