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Our mission is to support all parents in their infant feeding journey–be it exclusively breast, exclusively bottle, with breastmilk, formula, or any combination. Here at breastandbottlefeeding.com, we offer helpful tips and answers to some of the most popular infant feeding questions. We also provide education for breastfeeding helpers so they are better equipped to support families.

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  • BREAST covers topics related to breastfeeding and pumping.

  • BOTTLE has information for moms who exclusively bottle-feed, as well as breastfeeding moms who plan to introduce a bottle.

  • BABY MILK is coming soon! It will have tips for storing breastmilk, safe formula preparation, and combination feeding.

  • BOOK has a link to purchase Balancing Breast and Bottle.  You’ll also find the table of contents and reviews.

  • WHAT WE DO  This is the page where all breastfeeding helpers find information about continuing education.  Coming soon, a video library for parents!

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