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What readers say:

“We learned more information from your book than we did in our childbirth class!”

“My daughter was struggling to eat from bottles we had used for her older sister, as well as those we borrowed from friends. This book helped us find a bottle that would work for her, and she was eating happily from the bottle within a week after it arrived!”

“I was hesitant to buy this book thinking that I could find the same info online but save your time and energy and just buy it! You’ll be so thrilled you did. I now feel prepared to find a good bottle and work to get my new little guy latched on both breast and bottle so I don’t feel hesitant to go back to work!”

“I cannot recommend this book highly enough, and I will be gifting it to all future moms I know who plan to breast and bottle feed!”

Now my baby latches on to the new nipple without issue and has become an instant bottle-feeding champ!”

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