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 Shape is key.
Bottle nipples come in two shapes: narrow and wide neck.
One shape is not better than another.
The best shape is determined by how a baby sucks on the nipple.
The shape of the nipple should allow for your baby's bottle nipple latch to look the same as his latch on your breast. 
Babies are individuals
Every baby has a unique way they accept a bottle nipple into their mouth.
A shape that works for one baby might not work for another (siblings included).
Just because a bottle nipple is marketed as just like breastfeeding doesn't mean it will work for every baby.
The SIMPLE Method is an acronym that identifies the various steps in choosing a bottle nipple for a breastfed baby, found in Chapter 7 of Balancing Breast and Bottle.
Here you will learn how to apply the qualities of breastfeeding to selecting, assessing, and using a bottle nipple.
Chapter 8 is devoted to evaluating bottle-feeding difficulties. 
Nipple shapes
The nipple on the left is a narrow neck nipple with a gradual transition between nipple tip and base.  The nipple on the right is a wide neck nipple with an abrupt transition between nipple tip and base.  Nipple shape transition, and how it influences latch, is explained in detail in Balancing Breast and Bottle.
Poor latch
This baby is latched onto the tip of the nipple.
She is feeding with a closed mouth position.
See how concerned she looks?
Better latch
This baby is feeding with an opened mouth position.  Her body is organized (fists by face) and she is looking at her mother.
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